Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do you accept?

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim, United Behavioral Health, United Healthcare, Magellan, GIC, and Medicare.

Someone referred me to you and I’m interested in becoming a patient.

If you are interested in becoming a patient, please call my voicemail at 781-749-2278 to see if there are any available openings. If openings are available, my appointment assistant will then be in touch with you to schedule an initial evaluation. Prior to your appointment, please complete the forms online and email them to me, along with a picture of your insurance card.

What is a patient portal?

If you are an existing patient, my patient portal offers online access to send me secure emails with medical questions and refill requests, make appointments, and log in for video telehealth appointments. This is the primary method of communication with my patients.

How do I set up an account through your patient portal?

If you are an existing patient and you do not have a patient portal account, please get in touch with me to request an activation link for your new portal account.

After I hear from you, I will email you a link instructing you to create an account that will expire in 7 days.

The email will come from with the subject line: “Deborah Farber APRN, P.C. Patient Portal Account Setup.”

How can I make an appointment online?

If you are an existing patient, you can book a follow-up appointment online using my online patient portal here.

How can I request a refill?

If you are a current patient in need of a medication refill, please send me an email through my patient portal here or leave a message on my voicemail.

Please include your name, date of birth, medication name, dosage, and pharmacy name where you would like your prescription filled.

Please allow 24 -36 hours for these refills to be completed.

Do you offer telehealth appointments?

The option for telehealth appointments is available via phone or video. When booking an appointment, please let me know which method you prefer to meet with me, either phone or via secure video chat.

How often should I make an appointment?

Frequency of follow-up appointments is determined based on the patient’s needs and is continually reassessed at every appointment as determined by his or her progress and mental health status.

What is your cancellation policy?

I expect the patient to give me 24 hours’ advance notice of cancellation except in the event of extreme necessity.

Failure to do so will result in a charge of $150 for late cancellation/no-show.

All phone and telehealth sessions are subject to the same practices and policies as in-person appointments, including a 24-hour cancellation notice, unless it’s an emergency.
Therefore, failure to not answer your phone or be available via Telehealth without contacting me first will be subject to the same $150 cancellation fee.

How long is an initial appointment?

The initial appointment for an extensive evaluation is scheduled for 45-60 minutes.

How long is a follow up appointment?

Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled for increments of 15-20 minutes.

What is your payment policy?

I expect payment at time of service. The patient is responsible for providing me with up-to-date insurance information and if appropriate I will bill insurance for that visit. All copays are expected to be paid at time of visit. The patient is responsible for all copays, deductibles and visits not covered by insurance. My fee for an initial evaluation is $200.00 and for follow-up appointments is $125.00. All insurance information is taken as a courtesy meaning that the patient agrees that their insurance company will pay me directly for services rendered and if the information proves to be invalid or inaccurate the patient is responsible for services rendered and any outstanding balance incurred.

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an Appointment

It’s fast, easy & simple

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